Share Savings

AccountRateYieldMinimum Balance
Shares0.10% APR0.10% APR$100.00
Share IRA0.75% APR0.75% APR$100.00
Christmas Club – last declared dividends as of September 30, early withdrawal loss of dividend accrued. 0.50% APR0.50% APR$100.00
Special Savings0.10% APR0.10% APR$100.00
KIRBY Kids Club0.20% APR0.20% APR$25.00

Share Certificates

TermAPRYieldMinimum Balance
6 months0.40% APR0.40% APR$500.00
1 year0.55% APR0.55% APR$500.00
2 year0.75% APR0.75% APR$500.00
3 year0.85% APR0.85% APR$500.00
6 months0.55% APR0.55% APR$10,000.00
1 year0.75% APR0.75% APR$10,000.00
2 year0.85% APR0.85% APR$10,000.00
3 year1.15% APR1.16% APR$10,000.00
Used MotorcycleAve Trade value NADA Midwest edition$10,000.00

Share Certificates of Deposit (IRAs)

AccountAPRYieldMinimum Balance
1 year0.55% APR0.55% APR$500.00