Regular Share Savings

Our Regular Share Savings is the account you open when you first become a member at United Credit Union. It is this account that makes credit unions unique in the financial industry, because it represents that you, the member, are also an owner in the Credit Union.

You can join United Credit Union by opening a Regular Share Savings account with a $25 minimum deposit. This is not a fee; this small deposit represents your “share” of the credit union and entitles you to all the benefits of membership.

Your Regular Share Savings account earns dividends on the entire account balance from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal, credited and compounded monthly. At United Credit Union, our Board Members (members of the Credit Union), pride themselves on establishing competitive earnings for our members.

Compare our rates to other local and national institutions. You will find that everything you need is right here at your hometown credit union, United Credit Union.

You can transfer funds to and from this account using our free automatic transfer service; “Matilda”, our Telephone Teller system; the mail; or our online banking service.

The average daily balance is recorded monthly and interest is paid monthly. Interest compounds if you keep your money in your Share Savings account.