MasterMoney Check Card

The MasterMoney® Check Card offers the convenience of a Debit Card and ATM card all in one! Use your MasterMoney Check Card just like a regular ATM card to perform Automated Teller Machine (ATM) transactions all over the world. Your card is valid at more than 800,000 ATMs worldwide that display the Cirrus, NYCE, STAR, Pulse, Plus and SHAZAM logos.

MasterMoney Check Card is FREE!

It’s usually accepted wherever MasterCard is honored … but it works like a check. MasterMoney Check Card is easier to carry than a checkbook, and you’ll never run out of checks!

Use it to pay for purchases and instead of increasing your credit card debt, the purchase amount is debited from available funds in your United Credit Union Checking Account. Don’t forget to keep track!

Purchases will appear on your monthly statement as electronic checking withdrawals. The date and amount of each transaction will be itemized, and the retailer or location of the purchase may also be listed.

Daily ATM withdrawals up to $200.

Daily Debit Card withdrawals up to $200.